Every year the historic town of Arles in south of France, welcomes the famous photography festival. Around hundred thousand people visit the large number of exhibitions and events that occur at different sites across the centre of the town. While visitors’ attention is focused on what’s happening at the festival, life in Arles’ neighbourhoods continue as normal.

My photographs portray the unchanging life of a neighbourhood in suburban Arles, located east from the town centre. The Rencontres d’Arles is one of the biggest events that happen in the town, although that could hardly be noticed around the streets. The only reminder are posters about the festival pasted on to different buildings - children are at the playground, old people relax on the benches, it’s almost like you have transferred yourself to a different place. The streets are named after some of the greatest political figures of the 19th century, something you wouldn't know, unless you visit this subdued place.

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