noun, UK /ɪnˈθjuː.zi.æst/
​-a person who is very interested in and involved with a particular subject or activity

I consider myself as a strong Driving Enthusiast, something which is shared by many but understood by few.

My heartbeat increases when I see a sweeping mountain road, perfect tarmac and a roaring exhaust echoing from the subdued forest. When you combine all this with exploring new places, it makes for the perfect recipe.
In 6 days I covered exactly 2,188 miles, went through adrenaline filled 289 litres of fuel and travelled past 5 countries. From the nostalgic/ hair-raising former F1 track Reims-Gueux in Northern France to two of the most luxurious places on Earth – Cannes and Monaco. From arguably the most romantic spot in Europe – Portofino, Italy to the breathtaking views from the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland.

Chronologically I visited:
France – Reims-Gueux, Lyon, Cannes, Nice, Monaco
Italy – Genoa, Portofino
Switzerland – Bellinzona, Gotthard Pass
Germany – Bad Herrenalb
Belgium – Bruges

Should there be any interest, I will be more than happy to discuss any of the locations/photographs.

P.S. The more you look at each photograph the more you will see the thought behind it.

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