Venislav Petrov

Born in Bulgaria, based in the UK, often found on a European road trip exploring less known destinations with a camera in hand.

Graduating from the Editorial & Advertising Photography course at the University of Gloucestershire has been immensely influential for my Photography career. As everything, it starts with a hobby but transitioning to something that makes money is the hardest yet most rewarding challenge a photographer can go through.

My photographs reflect my personality, whether it’s covering a nightclub event or exploring a piece of national industrial heritage. A key essence of my photography is story-telling. Throughout my work, every project involves a narrative from start to finish, there is a purpose to every photograph.

When it comes to commissioned work, I am meticulously focused on delivering the best results to my client. Taking the time to discuss the expectations is of great importance, something that defines the outcome of the work. Therefore, I pride myself on being able to satisfy, regardless of how challenging the task is.

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