Since my Euro road trip last year, I knew I had to have a second attempt at covering many miles and exploring new places. My plans changed numerous times because the World decided to break. I was on the verge of cancelling everything, but that's not me. It was at this moment, I realised the notorious Nurburgring race track (better known as the 'Green Hell' in the automotive world) is only about 400 miles away from home.

I visited:
Cologne | Bacharach | Altenglan | Cochem| Nurburg | Trier

This was a perfect excuse to explore a bit more of urban Germany, which I haven’t done before.

To sum up the Nurburgring, I would say that you would never experience anything like it on any public road. The undulations are sublime, the blind corners, the fast sections, the negative camber corners. It’s just the perfect recipe for every car enthusiast. You really find out how capable you are as a driver and how much stress it puts on your car. I will be back.

P.S. Like last year on my way back through Belgium, tackling torrential rain was on the agenda.

To the Ring and back
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